Tarcoles River-bridge a must in Costa Rica

costa rica journeysTarcoles river  is located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and it´s popular bridge draws the attention of hundreds “ticos” and tourist ( ticos means costa ricans) everyday. 

 The tarcoles bridge is on the 34 road, the main highway to get to the top highlights of the Central Pacific, Los Suenos Marriott Resort, Jaco beach, Manuel Antonio and further south Dominical and Corcovado National Park. 

Why do people stop on the tarcoles bridge?

Before that, tarcoles comes from an indigenous word which means “crocodile river”. Does this say something to you about the popularity of the bridge?

¡Yes! Hundreds of crocodiles live on the tarcoles river but the bridge is the best place in  Costa Rica for tourist to see and picture dozen of enormous crocodiles basking underneath the bridge.

Tarcoles river starts 111 km or 70 miles up on the mountains of Costa Rica´s central valley, and runs down the pacific coast. Tarcoles bridge is undoubtedly a mandatory stop whether you are traveling to central pacific or back to the airport.  crocodil river tour

1500 crocodiles have been counted on the river and there is a reason of such number, crocodiles are protected in Costa Rica and there is no hunting day or season in the country because “ticos” laws are pro-nature.

Crocodiles is no the only wildlife you’ll get to see on the bridge. Tarcoles rivers borders one of the most biodiverse National Parks in Costa Rica, Carara National Park habors 360 species of birds including the Roseate Spoonbill.tarcoles river birds

This  closeness to Carara National Park, gives travelers a chance to see the magnificent Scarlet Macaw flying around or  perch on the trees.eco wonders travel tours

As well, if you are a nature lover and would like to have a crocodile up-close view and enjoy a bird-watching journey,  then you better think about taking the Crocodile River Tour, where you are going to see dozens of crocodiles and birds sitting on the site of a comfortable boat. 


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