Carara birding journey, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica with its 19 700 sq miles is home to over 900 birds and over quater of its territory is protected, we are talking about 27 percent land is within a protected area. This heaven like should be in the bucket list of all birders in the world. This time we are going to talk about Carara National Park, a birding top area in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Carara park borders the famous tarcoles river, popular for its astonishing number of crocodiles. However, what´s special in Carara for being a top birding national park in Costa Rica? First, we can say that the park diversity is due to the location, which is between the tropical dry forest and tropical rainforest, this is a unique transitional conection in Central America.

Just in this park, local native birdwatchers every year they organize bird counting and always go over 360 species of birds, including the “Ara Macao” best known as the “Lapa Roja” or “Scarlet Macaw”. Between the targets of international birdwatchers in carara includes the orange collared manakin, Bairds trogon, black throated trogon, pale-billed woopecker, toucans, royal flycatcher, brown rumped attila, boat billed heron, white whiskered puffbird, bat falcon and the endemic black-hooded antshrike. There are just a few of the species you can see in one birding journey in Carara.

Carara birding journey is challenge that must be taking with a local birdwatcher, and you might think why? It is very simple, you may know a lot about birds, but you have no clue which hiking trails are best for birdwatching. I give an example, Central Pacific Costa Rica gets visitors from different countries, many of those visitors stay for a week at Los Suenos Marriott Herradura, Jaco beach or simply stay for a day by cruise ship.

The massive information these visitors are usually bombarded with at their cruiseship or Resort about Carara National Park, takes their expectation really, I mean really high, at the end of the day they may go back home very dessapointed because they saw nothing but trees.

The following travel tips will ensure a real birding journey in carara. In order to have a real birding journey you first have to make sure you are visiting Carara National Park, which is located in the 34 road. Second, you have to hire a private tour guide for a group of no more than 7-8 people or a customized tour previously arrange. Third, make sure you have at least 3 hours available for walking in the park (commercial tours usually go for 1 hour, max 1.5 hours). Fourth, talk to the company or the tour guide you want to do “Carara´s meadrical trail” and use insect repellent and take it with you. Last, birds are usually changing feeding sites and nesting sites year round, some of them are migratory species for his reason if you are looking for an specific birds species, let your tour guide know as soon as you meet him or her, because there are times during the year when certain species prefer to be in the park surroundings than deep in the park. Carara is a generous park that is rich in bird number and diversity of mammals, this is your destinationwhether you come birdwatching or just to admires the lush rainforest of Costa Rica.

Carara is a generous park that is rich in bird number and diversity of mammals, this is your destination whether you come for birdwatching or just to admire the lush rainforest of Costa Rica.

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